Ways to beat the scorching summer heat during pregnancy

 Ways to beat the scorching summer heat during pregnancy

The summer months have already arrived! You are undoubtedly looking forward to holding your baby in your arms. However, even normal people can hardly withstand these hot weather, while for pregnant women, the body temperature can be much higher. So pregnancy in the summer can be a little boring for you. You can try these methods to beat the scorching summer heat during pregnancy.

Comfortable slippers

The best companion for your swollen feet is undoubtedly flip-flops. It will be beneficial for you to choose comfortable and orthopedic slippers.

Choosing clothes

If you have to go out in the scorching heat, never forget to carry water with you. Prefer breathing clothes and be sure to wear a hat.Pay attention to your appetite: Many people's appetites are turned off, especially in the summer months. Protein intake is very important during pregnancy. Try making a refreshing protein smoothie with strawberry and coconut water. Take a look at some cool snacks that can be made with ice cream and yogurt.

Try hydrotherapy

Since swelling is a common problem in pregnancy, raise your feet as high as possible above the level of the heart. You can also try hydrotherapy in a bathtub or pool where you soak your entire abdomen in water for 20 to 30 minutes a day. Especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy, the hormone progesterone increases body temperature. For this reason, it is useful to go out early in the morning or close to sunset.

Ways to beat the scorching summer heat during pregnancy

Avoid perishable foods

It is useful to avoid foods that can easily deteriorate in the heat, to stay away from heavy very fatty dishes. Instead, lighter, cold dishes with olive oil may be preferred. It would be a good choice not to use perishable sauces such as mayonnaise.


Swimming and doing light exercise is a great way to keep your body cool.

Plenty of water

Do not forget to consume plenty of juicy foods. Especially during pregnancy, drinking between 2-3 liters of water is vital for both your baby and you.

Air conditioning during pregnancy

Although we underline the need to avoid extreme heat, it is also useful to avoid extreme cold. Research has proven that staying in an extremely hot or cold place during the first seven weeks of pregnancy is associated with premature birth. For this reason, it is useful to use the air conditioner in a controlled manner.


Do not forget to see your doctor before going on vacation. Because long journeys can sometimes be risky during pregnancy. If your doctor deems it appropriate, go on vacation or a trip. Among the ways to beat the summer heat, this option may be your favorite.

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