How to make potato printing?


Materials you will use for patetes printing

It can be in potatoes, fruit knives, pencils, paper and watercolor (it can be in acrylic or gouache paint).

1- For potato printing:

For potato printing, the potato is first divided evenly in the middle. On the cut potato are drawn geometric shapes, indistinct patterns, figures of animals or sections from nature. If you have cookie molds in your home, you can use them to create shapes on the potato. It will be enough to put the mold on the potato, pressing it a little. In order to form the shape, the section outside the desired motif is cut to provide depth. After the shape on the potato is ready, the painting process begins. The shape remaining on the surface of the potato is painted in the desired color with the help of a brush or sponge. As a final stage, the potato is printed on a clean sheet of paper.

2- Another simple way to print potatoes

Cut the potato in half in the middle. Draw a pattern on its flat surface and paint the inside, you can make its edge clear by drawing it with crayons. Place the ingrown pattern on the paper by turning it upside down. slightly press.

Attention: It should be done under the supervision of an adult, after the cutting objects are removed away from the child, the painting process should be started.

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