3 years old children's activity: Enjoying a tropical island at home

 3 years old children's activity: Enjoying a tropical island at home

With this activity at home with your child, you can play in the atmosphere of a tropical island even in winter. You can both spend time together and have fun, and contribute to the imagination of your child aged 3 and over. Of course, this game will also challenge your imagination a little. If you like activities done at home with your child, you can make your own island at home with easy-to-find materials. You can also hide treasure under the sand while spending time on the island or create your own fairy tale about the people who live here. This activity, which is classified as a 3-year-old children's activity, will also attract the attention of older children.

3 years old children's activity: Enjoying a tropical island at home

3 years old children's activity: Tropical island construction


1 medium tray 1 -2 cups semolina Blue food coloring (You can use a blue colored bag instead)1 glass of water

1 sponge (If your child is old enough not to throw it, you can also put stones)

A few small tree motifs (You can use other toys if you have them at home.
Otherwise, leaves can be taken from the garden)
Fish (If there are toys in the form of fish at home, you can use them.)
You can also create a moss effect on the beach with 1-2 sprigs of dill.


Pour semolina on half or one corner of a medium-sized tray with edges. Spread the semolina so that it is high towards the back, as if it were a beach.

Drip blue food coloring into the water. Pour blue water so that it does not overflow from the tray to the sea side, which is opposite to the edge where you poured the selam. If you do not want to use painted water, you can pass a blue bag halfway to the tray, fasten it with tape and pour normal water on it. Since the ground color is blue, it will be understood that it is the sea again.

Cut the sponge to the desired dimensions. You can make shapes such as rocks, stones, treasure chests, etc. from sponge. Then place them in the desired places on the beach. If you make a treasure chest, you can bury it under the semolina.

If there are small tree models etc. from other game sets in the house, you can place them on the beach as you wish. You can also put the creek grass in the rocky, near-water parts of the beach to give it a moss look. It all depends on what kind of island you want.

Now your tropical island is ready. Now it's time to create a story about it and start the game. You can vacation on this beautiful island, search for treasure with pirates or play together in many different topics that your child can think of. Now let us see what happens. Playing and preparing for these and similar games is usually enjoyed by children in later life. In addition to being a great game as a 3-year-old children's activity, it can appeal to children in a wide range of ages up to 8-9 years old. Sometimes older children also miss these types of activities and can enjoy doing them.

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